“This Side of Paradise” Exhibit Opening

Tidying up the place @ "This Side of Paradise" Exhibit - The Andrew Freedman Home

Tidying up the place @ “This Side of Paradise” Exhibit – The Andrew Freedman Home

(April 4, 2012) The non-profit art group, No Longer Empty, has reopened The Andrew Freedman Home at 1125 Grand Concourse (167th Street) in the Bronx for their latest production titled “This Side of Paradise”. The Home was built in 1924 to be a haven, a paradise, for the rich elderly who had lost their fortunes.

Today, it deteriorating innards are serving as backdrops for an eclectic collection of works by artists, such as: John Ahearn, Mel Chin, Daze and Crash, How and Nosm, Lisa Kahane, Sofia Maldonado, Sylvia Plachy, Hatuey and Elizabeth Hamby Ramos-Fermin, and others. Graffiti Legend COPE2, along with INDIE, provided fresh paint to the outer wall for the estate, during the opening. Also, Bobby Sanabria & Ascension were scheduled to perform, later that evening.

“This Side of Paradise” attempts to “reference the past and reconnect the vision of Andrew Freedman to today’s Bronx and its realities.” The exhibit runs through June 5, 2012.

For more info goto:  The NO LONGER EMPTY website.

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