“Forever Freestyle 8”


Safire @ “Forever Freestyle 8″ – Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

(March 1, 2014) Fever Records owner Sal Abbatiello packed the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts with his latest installation of “Forever Freestyle.” The concert featured performances by Sammy Zone, Fonda Rae, Lydia Lee Love, Nayobe, Safire, Lisa Lisa, Cynthia, Johnny O, TKA/K7, and Stevie B. Comedian Mark Viera provided the laughs with DJ Lucho, DJ 1st Class and DJ KYS providing the beats between acts.

The energy of the freestyle phenomenon from the late 80’s was still vibrant and alive, throughout the sold-out production. New upgrades at the Lehman Center added another dimension to the electricity. Fans seated way in the backseats and balcony were able to get a grander view of the action, thanks to a huge recently installed projection screen fed with live video. 

“Forever Freestyle 8” was hosted by Sal Abbatiello & Radio personality Speedy.

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