Celebrating Puerto Rican Women 2015

Honoree Marina Ortiz receives a blessing from the Bohio Atabei Daughters of Earth Mother Indigenous Women’s Circle @ 2015 “Celebrating Puerto Rican Women: Today, Tomorrow and Always!”

(March 7, 2015) “Celebrating Puerto Rican Women: Today, Tomorrow and Always!” is part of the annual observance of International Working Women’s Day held at Casabe Houses in El Barrio. The event is organized by the Committee to Honor Puerto Rican Women.

The 2015 honorees included community organizer and activist Genoveva Clemente (posthumously). Ms. Clemente fought the good fight for Puerto Rican Independence and social justice worldwide. El Barrio community activist and organizer Marina Ortiz was, also, honored by the committee. Ms. Ortiz is the founder of VirtualBoricua.org and East Harlem Preservation, Inc.

This year’s Adelfa Vera Award was presented to chef/activist Gabriela Álvarez. For the past 10 years, Ms. Álvarez has been inspiring personal transformation and social change through food. Special recognition was given to the political action group “32 Mujeres x Oscar.” The collective of 32 women has been organizing monthly demonstrations every last Sunday of the month for 32 minutes, demanding the release of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera.

Lending their talents and art to the event were Caridad de la Luz (“La Bruja”), members of the PRIDA artesania collective, and Dr. Drum with members of his BombaYo projects.

For more info, goto: https://www.facebook.com/Puertoricanwomen.

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