BombaYo’s 7th Annual BomBarbecue

BombaYo's 7th Annual BomBarbecue

(May 24, 2015) A much needed uplifting of the spirit at BombaYo’s 7th Annual BomBarbecue held on the great lawn of the Andrew Freedman Home. The event organized by Jose “Dr. Drum” Ortiz continues to grow with enthusiasm and support each year.

The gathering brings with it an awareness of Puerto Rico’s relationship with its African Heritage. As Dr. Drum has said repeatedly to those who attend BombaYo events, “We are not here to put on a show for you. We are here to teach you about our Afro-Puerto Rican culture.” He is currently an Artist in Residence who has developed bomba dance and drumming programs with Los Robles de Casabe and Las Perlas de BombaYo.

This year’s BomBarbecue was attended by “Los Bomberos de la Calle – a performance group from Philadelphia — who added their own flavor to the festivities with bomba and plena. Activist Esperanza Martell led the opening ceremony.

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