Grupo Niche 35th @ Lehman Center

Grupo Niche Celebrates 35th Anniversary @ Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
(April 16, 2016) The outstanding Grupo Niche from Colombia kicked off its 35th Anniversary celebration at “La Casa de la Salsa” — Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. The tight, well-polished 10-piece band with its three front men gave the packed house two sets of driving swing and up-beat romance.

Originally founded by the late Jairo Varela and by Alexis Lozano who left the group in 1979 to form Orquesta Guayacán, Grupo Niche has survived over three decades as one of Colombia’s greatest Salsa music institutions through pure talent. The group will be continuing their anniversary celebration with performances at the upcoming 32nd New York Salsa Festival, and several other venues throughout the US.

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