Oscar D’León @ Lehman Center

Oscar D’León @ Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

(May 7, 2016) “La Casa de La Salsa” Lehman Center for the Performing Arts continued its 36th Anniversary season with yet another “sold-out” concert. “El León De La Salsa” Oscar D’León returned to the Bronx to deliver a dazzling performance of his superstar Venezuelan swing.

One of the original founders of Dimensión Latina, D’León served as bass player and singer with the group, before embarking on a series of career moves that ultimately led him to worldwide fame. His monstrous set at Day One of the 1979 RMM “Kool” Salsa Festival (“The Greatest Salsa Show On Earth”) blew up the Madison Square Garden audience, earning him the honor of “Best Newcomer” to the NYC Latin music scene.

D’León’s presence on-stage at Lehman Center was like a sonic pulse throughout the packed auditorium. His repertoire included tributes to some of the great singers of Cuban music like Celia Cruz and Beny Moré. His smooth interaction with fans at the front of the stage infused more excitement into the air which made even more special his musical show of appreciation to the Mothers, the night before Mother’s Day.

For more info about upcoming shows at Lehman Center, goto: http://lehmancenter.org/events/.

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