Palmieri Excites @ Lehman Center’s 36th

Eddie Palmieri & Friends @ Lehman Center for the Performing Arts

(September 17, 2016) “La Casa de la Salsa” Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is back with its 36th Season calendar. Headlining the center’s premier event was Eddie Palmieri & Friends and Del Caribe Latin Jazz All-Stars.

Opening an evening of stellar performances was Del Caribe Latin Jazz All-Stars. The septet, led by the sensational Cuban pianist, arranger and composer Emilio Morales, featured musical director and tres guitarist Nelson González, veteran Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez (bongos, percussion), Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Bobby Allende (congas), Ricardo Pons (saxophone, flute), and Marc Quiñones (timbales). Timbalero extraordinaire Nicky Marrero sat in with the group for one jam. Their set was nothing short of exciting as Morales garnered explosive applause from the audience with his rousing solos.

Eddie Palmieri walked on the Lehman Center stage donning a New York Yankee jersey bearing his last name on the back, along with the number 9 (retired in 1984 for Roger Maris). In this case, the 9 represented the total Grammy Awards Palmieri has received over the length of his prestigious recording career. He brought with him twelve heavy-hitters that included: Luques Curtis (bass); Vincente “Little Johnny” Rivero (congas); Camilo Molina (timbales); Nicky Marrero (bongoes & timbalitos); Jonathan Powell (trumpet); Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz (trumpet); Louis Fouche (alto saxophone); Conrad Herwig (trombone); Jimmy Bosch (trombone); Herman Olivera (lead vocal); Flaco Navaja (vocals); and Jeremy Bosch (vocals).

The Latin music legend dropped a primo repertoire filled with proven classics to the delight of concert-goers. If there was a still body in the house, I didn’t see it. Solos from the very horn that helped immortalize Eddie Palmieri’s La Perfecta sound did not disappoint. Both Bosch and Herwig blew up the concert hall with their trombone madness, bringing rambunctious cheers and standing ovations.

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