BomPlenazo 2016 Concert Finale

 Norka Hernández-Nadal w/ BomPlenazo 2016 Artists Collective

(October 8, 2016) The final concert for BomPlenazo 2016 brought to the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture mainstage a celebrated collaboration led by the recognized elder of the New York City bomba and plena tradition, Juan “Juango” Gutiérrez. The BomPlenazo Artists Collective returned to the biennial themed “Entre Generaciones” to deliver a dynamic repertoire of traditional and original music compositions.

The BomPlenazo Artists Collective featured the talents of Alex ‘Apolo’ Ayala, Zaccai Curtis, Camilo Molina Gaetán, Nelson Matthew González, Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera, Leró Martínez Roldán, Juan Emilio Martínez Román, Héctor ‘Tito’ Matos, Norka Hernández-Nadal, Iván Renta, José A, ‘Joseito’ Rivera, Juan ‘Cheo’ Quiñones, Hommy Ramos Vizcarrondo, and Erick ‘Kily’ Vialíz Montalvo.

The center’s thoroughfare was filled with BomPlenazo goers exploring the unique arts & crafts adorning the various vendor tables, including creations by members of the PRIDA collective. A dinner prior to the concert offered a menu of authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and live plena music.

BomPlenazo 2016 was the ninth biennial celebration of Afro-Puerto Rican Music & Dance held by the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture. It was dedicated to the memory of José ‘Chema’ Soto (1945-2015), a plenero and the patriarch and founder of the Rincón Criollo Cultural Center in the South Bronx, better known as “La Casita de Chema,” one of the shrines of the bomba and plena resurgence in New York.

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