Ramon J Jimenez Corner

'Ramon J Jimenez Corner' naming ceremony @ 149th Street & Walton Avenue, BX

PHOTO: A group of family, friend, and supporters gather to remember the People’s Lawyer Ramón J. Jiménez

(December 2, 2017) The lawyer/activist called by many “El Leon Del Bronx” was further memorialized with a street corner in his name. 149th Street & Walton Avenue is now officially “Ramon J Jimenez Corner.”

Ramón J. Jiménez, a Harvard-educated lawyer, born and raised in the South Bronx, championed many battles for the community he served. He took on political corruption straight up to the NYC Mayor’s office, police brutality, human rights violations and abuses, and was active in the struggle to gain independence for Puerto Rico.

Many of his closest friends and allies attended the renaming ceremony, joining his mother and daughter who were both proud and emotion-taken — but, still suffering from their loss. Sr. Jiménez died last May, 2016 of prostate cancer.

The contributions of his life continue to be maintained by a group called the ‘Ramón Jiménez Legacy Project‘.

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