A Visit with Samuel Lind in Loíza

In 2008, I made my way to Loíza and met the celebrated artist Samuel Lind. Much of his work encompasses the richness and beauty of Puerto Rico’s African heritage. While in his studio, I saw how the extent of his creative vision had taken form in silk-screens, paintings, etchings and sculptures. Listening carefully, I could feel each piece of artwork pulsing from its own rhythm. Vibrant images of dancers and drummers interacting with whirls of colors that explode onto tropical landscapes, some transforming into bronze portraits of singular beauty. The scope and depth of Lind’s artistic imagination is continuum, a narrative of the African presence on the island. It speaks in idioms, both celebratory and defiant. It speaks from the heart and spirit of familial ancestors. Pa’lante Siempre, Samuel Lind!


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