MAMBOSO NUYOTOPIA is the photographic blog of visual artist Francisco M. Reyes II.

Featured in MAMBOSO NUYOTOPIA (formerly NUYORICAN) are images and text documenting the Nuevayorquino experience within our various urban communities.  However, content relevancy to Puerto Rican or Boricua culture may not always be clear or concise. Therefore, it could be suggested that a visit with the local espiritista, or a planned family outing to Loisaida, El Barrio or even the South Bronx, along with an assorted spackling of bed-time readings from the works of Carrero, Soto, Pietri, Cruz (P&V), De Burgos and Sanchez, combined with a “some days you are with and some days you are without” savoir faire that is totally dependent on public transportation and funding from a poverty-rich state of economics, may or may not relieve that dull pain in your forehead.

MAMBOSO NUYOTOPIA welcomes comments, insights, event invitations, and donations to keep this website running.

Please be aware that MAMBOSO NUYOTOPIA does believe in self-defense and will protect itself against the creatures of the Internet.

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