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Tito Puente Legacy Alive and Swinging

Tito Puente Retrospective: 50 Years of 'El Rey'

(April 20-22, 2017) Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture presented what could only be described as an outstanding tribute to Latin Music legend Ernesto Antonio “Tito” Puente. The 3-day event titled Tito Puente Retrospective: 50 Years of ‘El Rey’ worked the historic landscape of his journey, planted fresh seeds in the here and now, and celebrated another bounty of young musicians inspired by the priceless contributions of Puente’s genius and mastery.

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“The Birth of Hip Hop in New York” @ MCNY

"The Birth of Hip Hop in New York" @ MCNY

(May 14, 2015) Hip Hop Photographer Joe Conzo, Jr. and Cold Crush Brothers Legend MC Grandmaster Caz (Curtis Fisher) sat down with scholar Dr. Joseph Schloss at the Museum of the City of New York and talked about the early years of hip hop, and their experiences from that era.

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Benjy Melendez @ Poe Park

Some of the original storyboards for “Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker” on display @ "Latinos in Comics" Exhibition

(March 7, 2015) Bronx legend Benjy Melendez (a.k.a. “Yellow Benjy”) was a featured guest panelist at an opening reception for the “Latinos in Comics” Exhibition, currently on display inside the Poe Park Visitor Center. The panel discussion focused on the soon-to-be-released in USA graphic novel “Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker” (Paperback, 2015) by author Julian Voloj and illustrator Claudia Ahlering.

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“BLADE: King of Graffiti” @ MCNY

"BLADE: King of Graffiti" @ MCNY

“BLADE: King of Graffiti” @ MCNY

(August 8, 2014) The graffiti Legend and Bronx native known throughout the world as BLADE made an appearance at the Museum of the City of New York to promote his new book “Blade: King of Graffiti.” The publication is co-authored with Chris Pape, an American painter, graffiti artist and historian.

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“nu-YO-Rican” Opens @ El Centro


“nu-YO-Rican” Exhibit @ Hunter College East Harlem Art Gallery – El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños

(September 20, 2013) As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños hosted an opening reception for a major art exhibition in the East Harlem Art Gallery at the Hunter College Silberman Building. “nu-YO-Rican” features mixed-media works by Diogenes Ballester, Marcos Dimas, Sofia Maldonado, Rodriguez Calero and Adrian “Viajero” Roman. The reception was preceded by a “Conversations with the Artists” session.

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The Ponce Vejigante @ BMHC

New York-based Master mask-maker Felipe Rangel with variations of his North American Red-Tail Hawk masks - The Ponce Vejigante @ BMHC

New York-based Master mask-maker Felipe Rangel with variations of his North American Red-Tail Hawk masks – The Ponce Vejigante @ BMHC

(July 19, 2013) Bronx Rising! Music, Film & Spoken Word of the Borough, Co-Curated by Folklorist Elena Martínez of City Lore and BMHC Master Musician Bobby Sanabria, presented a screening of the film: “Caraballo, Masks and Carnival (The Ponce Carnival Masks, According to Miguel A. Caraballo García).” The documentary features the life and work of the late Miguel Ángel Caraballo García — a Master Vejigante Ponceño mask-maker of Puerto Rico.

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Esmeralda Santiago @ La Casa Azul

Esmeralda Santiago @ Lexington Academy Auditorium

Esmeralda Santiago @ Lexington Academy Auditorium

(May 8, 2013) Best-Selling Author Esmeralda Santiago was in El Barrio, Wednesday, to promote her latest book Conquistadora.

The evening began in the Lexington Academy Auditorium, on 104th Street and Lexington Avenue, with a one-hour discussion about her novel. About 50 people listened intensely as Ms Santiago read from her book and spoke in incredible detail about how Conquistadora came to life. She said that the epic took twenty-five years to finish, due to the extensive research that was done to assure an acceptable level of historical accuracy. Writing the book was achieved relatively quick. However, being an author is not a full-time profession for Ms Santiago. She, also, runs a business with her husband.

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Hispanic Staten Island

Artisana Olga Ayala @ "Hispanic Staten Island: Culture and Identity"

Artisana Olga Ayala @ “Hispanic Staten Island: Culture and Identity”

(April 24, 2013) Ventured across the “Big Water” to attend an exhibition open and panel discussion on the campus of Wagner College. “Hispanic Staten Island: Culture and Identity” brought together a dubious group of Staten Island residents to share their perspectives and experiences as members of a so-called immigrant community integrating into the larger existing community. The event came as part of New York City’s 10th Immigrant Heritage Week.

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Tats Cru @ BMHC

"Tats Cru: The Mural Kings" @ Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC)

“Tats Cru: The Mural Kings” @ Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC)

(March 22, 2013) BIO, BG183 and NICER were the featured guests at a special screening of “Tats Cru: The Mural Kings” (2006) held in the Bronx Music Heritage Center (BMHC). Joining them for the Q&A was the documentary director Mark Kotlinski.

“Tats Cru: The Mural Kings” tells the story of how the South Bronx based collective of graffiti artists and writers made their name and their fame. Director Kotlinski incorporates rare archival footage, never before seen photographs, and behind-the-scenes looks at their mural production process. The documentary, also, looks at some of the crew’s graffiti campaigns for artists including Fat Joe, Big Pun, and Nas. The segments are tied together by interviews with Tats Cru members BIO, BG183, NICER, SEN2, and HOW & NOSM, along with FAT JOE aka CRACK T.S, DJ KAYSLAY aka DEZ, PART1 TDS, JOEY TDS and others.

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