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“Las Tres Hermanas”

"Las Tres Hermanas: Art & Activism" @ Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education

PHOTO: One of several displays from the “Las Tres Hermanas: Art & Activism” exhibition @ Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education


(June 1, 2017) A special summer presentation dedicated to lives of three women is the result of a collaboration between the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education and the Bronx Music Heritage Center. “Las Tres Hermanas: Art & Activism” follows the journey of Evelína, Lillian and Elba from the island of Puerto Rico to New York City through photographs, text, illustrations, and discussions.

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BG183 “the wall” @ WALLWORKS NY

BG183 "the wall" @ WALLWORKS New York

(February 25, 2017) BG183 is blowing up WALLWORKS New York with his first solo exhibition ever at the gallery titled “the wall.” Many of the pieces, both large and small, are familiar Bronx scenes — popping with boldness and color. Some play off a recurring motif of spurting fire-hydrants in various dimensions.

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SERVE @ MorePointsBx Studio

"SERVE" solo exhibition @ MorePointsBx Studio

(October 29, 2016) MorePointsBx Studio held a season closing exhibition featuring graffiti artist Joey “SERVE” Vega. He blew up the gallery walls with visual experiences of growing up in the South Bronx, knee-deep in Hip Hop culture, that encapsulate many of the iconic images, writing styles, and scenes from the 1980-90’s club and graffiti scene.

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“13 Years of Park Jams in The Bronx” Opening

“13 Years of Tools of War Park Jams in The Bronx” Exhibit Opening

(July 28, 2016)
After three years of determined effort, the “13 Years of Tools of War Park Jams in The Bronx” exhibition finally came together. Thanks to the support of Elena Martinez and Bobby Sanabria at the Bronx Music Heritage Center, over 200 photographs hit the walls, as a personal homage to the True School NYC Park Jam Series.

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