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Tito Puente Legacy Alive and Swinging

Tito Puente Retrospective: 50 Years of 'El Rey'

(April 20-22, 2017) Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture presented what could only be described as an outstanding tribute to Latin Music legend Ernesto Antonio “Tito” Puente. The 3-day event titled Tito Puente Retrospective: 50 Years of ‘El Rey’ worked the historic landscape of his journey, planted fresh seeds in the here and now, and celebrated another bounty of young musicians inspired by the priceless contributions of Puente’s genius and mastery.

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“Rubble Kings” Theatrical Preview

Director Shan Nicholson and girlfriend @ "Rubble Kings" Theatrical Preview in Da Bronx

(June 18, 2015) The long anticipated release of the documentary “Rubble Kings” made its NYC debut in the place where it all started — Da Bronx. A bunch of folks who played some role in getting this 8 year project done came out to show support for award winning filmmaker, DJ, music producer, and counter/pop culture storyteller Shan Nicholson.

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“Conscientious Objector” @ BDC


Host Trevon Blondet (TBXF) – “Conscientious Objector The Movie: Inspired by True Events” @ Bronx Documentary Center

(November 5, 2013) The Bronx Filmmakers (TBXF) hosted a special pre-Veteran’s Day screening of “Conscientious Objector The Movie: Inspired by True Events” at the Bronx Documentary Center. This was the final public viewing of the short feature film, before its official online release.

“Conscientious Objector” tells the story of US Marine Gunnery Sergeant  Jason Cruz who is  arrested amidst allegations of murdering unarmed Iraqi children, during a tour of duty in Iraq. According to the film’s writer/director J.W. Cortes, who was a witness to the incident, names and specific details were changed to protect himself and his family.

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“On-Location” with Edwin Pagán

bxshoot_PAG0083(December 30, 2009) Got special access to filmmaker Edwin Pagán’s most recent shoot location for “Conscientious Objector”. The full details of this film, written and directed by J.W. Cortes, are mum right now. The story is based on an actual event experienced by Cortes while on a tour of duty as a Marine in Iraq. The scene was shot in an area of the Bronx that with some skilled tweaking became the backdrop for the plot’s development. Will update as the project progresses.

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