Universal Zulu Nation Celebrates 38th Anniversary

Universal Zulu Nation 38th Anniversary - Thursday

(November 10, 2011) The Universal Zulu Nation continued its five-day 38th Annual celebration in the home of Hip Hop – The Bronx.

Present were UZN chapter representatives who’d traveled to NYC from different parts of the world to show collective strength at this year’s celebration. Organizers expanded the scope of its traditional observances of Hip Hop culture tenets to include ventures into practical and higher levels of individual and group consciousness-raising.

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“Visions: Tim Hetherington” Exhibit

"Visions: Tim Hetherington" Exhibit @ Bronx Documentary Center

(November 5, 2011) The Bronx Documentary Center is currently displaying photographs by British-American photojournalist Tim Hetherington. Most of the photos are from those taken by Hetherington during his last days in Libya. He was killed by mortar shells fired by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces while covering the 2011 civil war. Continue reading

NYC 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade

NYC 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade

NYC 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade

(October 31, 2011) All manner of abomination and insanity packed the streets from Spring to 16th along 6th Avenue.They all came out to celebrate, participate or spectate New York’s 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade. Recent clashes with the Occupy Wall Street movement seemed to have inspired NYC Police to cast a huge net of security and crowd bottling tactics around the parade venue.

Increasingly, under the Bloomberg Administration, festivals and parades in NYC have become staging grounds for the police state mentality. But, hard-core New Yorkers are resilient and, when it comes to observing tradition or having their voice heard, they have responded with increased defiance. Nothing could keep the hordes of zombies and mutants from their pound of flesh, this Halloween night. The expressive dance between the dead and the living made for another spectacle on the streets of Greenwich Village.

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Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography

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Volume 2 - This portfolio contains the 5"x7" & 8.5"x11" images, and archival materials that appeared in the 2016 exhibition.