Epik High’s “MAP THE SOUL” USA Tour 2009 (NYC)

(May 22, 2009)
South Korea didn’t know what to make of these boys from Seoul when they released their first album, Map of the Human Soul, in 2003. Consisting of Tablo (aka Supreme T), DJ Tukutz (aka Street T), and Mithra (no alias, just Mithra), the group needed just two short years to make a splash in the Korean music scene, winning Artist of the Year as their songs hit #1 on the charts.

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“SUBWAY ART” 25th Anniversary Release Party: NYC

Photo: Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, co-authors of ‘Subway Art’

(May 13, 2009) The 25th Anniversary edition of Subway Art, the acclaimed 1970s and 1980s graffiti culture book by photojournalist MARTHA COOPER and filmmaker HENRY CHALFANT, has been released here in New York City. This edition features new photos and text, presented in a large-scale deluxe format. Cooper and Chalfant signed copies at the book release party, hosted by Revolution Books.

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Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography

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