Graffiti Hall of Fame 2011 (Day 4)

2011 Graffiti Hall of Fame centerpiece honors the late great “King of Styles” KASE2, aka CASE2.

2011 Graffiti Hall of Fame centerpiece honors the late great “King of Styles” KASE2, aka CASE2.

(August 29, 2011) Graff artists were back to work on their pieces at the Graffiti Hall of Fame 2011. The severe weather during the later part of the weekend may have reaped havoc on this year’s planned events, but Irene did not deter writers from making good on their homage to the late “King of Styles,” KASE2 aka CASE2. Many of the smaller pieces blowing up the side-walls have been finished. For more info contact  JAMES TOP via email:

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El Barrio Bomba Festival

Piquetes 101! @ The 1st Annual El Barrio Bomba Festival

(August 26, 2011) The newly relocated Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work celebrated its opening with the El Barrio Bomba Festival. Though not quite grandiose as the title would suggest, the event was the school’s way of welcoming their new students and making nice with local residents.

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Graffiti Hall of Fame 2011 Gets Underway

(August 26, 2011) Despite no sponsors, no funding to speak of and the threat of hurricane weather, the 2011 Graffiti Hall of Fame Annual Reunion has come together. The internationally recognized urban art tradition will survive its third decade of life through straight-up contributions and support from the graffiti artists themselves.

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“Cold Crush Brothers” @ East River Park

"Cold Crush Brothers" @ East River Park / Summerstage 2011

(August 24, 2011) Grandmaster Caz, Almighty KG, JDL, Easy AD, and DJ Tony Tone — The Legendary “Cold Crush Brothers” — hit the 2011 Summerstage with all the raw and style that had immortalized them in the minds of their fans and on the pages of hip hop history.

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Fordham Road Renaissance Festival 2011

Dancing bachata @ Fordham Road Renaissance Festival 2011

(August 21, 2011) The Fordham Road Renaissance Festival celebrated its 16th year between the gaps of thunder and rain. Salsa music and a variety of performances at opposite ends of the festival venue kept the thousands that came spirited and entertained.

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“Digger’s Delight” 2011 (Week 3)

 DJ LEVA FIFTYSEVEN from Italy @ "Digger's Delight" 2011 (Week Three)(August 16, 2011) Another fun-filled jam in Harlem celebrating the rarest of the rare – Digger’s Delight. Loyal fans came out to show their unwavering support, despite earlier rain showers. Folks were treated to five DJs including one from Italy and another from Slovenia. Always a favorite, the Queen of 45s – Miss Shing-A-Ling, DJ Boogie Blind, LEVA57, Woo-D and the GrandWizzard Theodore rocked the park. See you next week for DJ Lord Finesse, GrandMaster Caz and The Original Jazzy Jay.

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