“El Rabito” – Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009

(June 14, 2009) A rush of ashé got me to The National Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009, just in time to catch about 90min. of the “rabito” (tail-end). This is the part when all the TV cameras have powered down. But the Puerto Ricans stayed en masse to the very end. One never knows what life can throw at you. Remembering that can be a good thing. Location: Fifth Avenue, New York City.

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El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico y La Excelencia

(June 13, 2009) EL GRAN COMBO is the longest surviving Latin music group from Puerto Rico. The veterans made the scene @ the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts to launch a super-charged weekend of events honoring the Puerto Rican community nationally. They were joined by an exciting young group called LA EXCELENCIA.

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The Rev. Pedro Pietri Hand Awards


(June 12, 2009) El Puerto Rican Embassy and La Pietri Family in collaboration with El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños held their 2nd presentation of El Rev. Pedro Pietri Hand Awards @ Hunter College, NYC. El Rev. Pedro Pietri Hand Awards honors the memory of Rev. Pedro Pietri, one of the most gifted poet/playwrights of the Twentieth Century and co-founder of the Nuyorican Poetry Movement, and was created to recognize significant artistic and cultural contributions by Puerto Rican/Nuyorican poets, artists, musicians and political activists working in their respective fields today.

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Hunts Point Summer Festival & Fish Parade 2009

(June 6, 2009) The Annual Hunt’s Point Fish Parade theme was “Riding The Wave of Change.” The activities included a Children’s Arts Corner, boat rides, bird watching, a day-long basketball tournament, face painting, print-making, tons of great food and activities, live music and performances, a talent show and raffle. and info about all of your favorite Bronx-based organizations.

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Manny Oquendo y LIBRE Memorial Performance

OQUENDO PRESENTE! LIBRE members hold up a portrait of the late Manny Oquendo that was on display stage-side for the entire memorial.

OQUENDO PRESENTE! LIBRE members hold up a portrait of the late Manny Oquendo that was on display stage-side for the entire memorial.

(May 30, 2009) NuyoRican School Original Poetry Jazz Ensemble, Inc. presented: ¡VAYA! A Celebration of Poetry, Theater, and Music, (Part 3) Memorial Performance In Honor of Manny Oquendo. The memorial brought together current and former members of the musical institution known as LIBRE.

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Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography

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