School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition 2009

Vanessa Bahmani @ School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition 2009

(June 16, 2009) Congratulations to VANESSA BAHMANI whose display of exciting breakdance photography and new book “Breaking The Mold” with photographs of Full Circle Soul Dance Company (that include co-founders ROKAFELLA and KWIK STEP) were featured at the School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition. She has now fulfilled all the requirements for her Masters of Fine Arts. The exhibit runs till June 27th @ The Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26th Street (11th Avenue), Suite 1502, NYC.

“El Rabito” – Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009

(June 14, 2009) A rush of ashé got me to The National Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009, just in time to catch about 90min. of the “rabito” (tail-end). This is the part when all the TV cameras have powered down. But the Puerto Ricans stayed en masse to the very end. One never knows what life can throw at you. Remembering that can be a good thing. Location: Fifth Avenue, New York City.

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El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico y La Excelencia

(June 13, 2009) EL GRAN COMBO is the longest surviving Latin music group from Puerto Rico. The veterans made the scene @ the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts to launch a super-charged weekend of events honoring the Puerto Rican community nationally. They were joined by an exciting young group called LA EXCELENCIA.

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Francisco Molina Reyes II Photography

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Volume 2 - This portfolio contains the 5"x7" & 8.5"x11" images, and archival materials that appeared in the 2016 exhibition.